Syniverse marketplace facilitates buying, selling of Wi-Fi

Syniverse has launched Mobile Marketplace on its secure platform to enable service providers and enterprises from around the world to buy and sell Wi-Fi with the click of a button, the company said.

Syniverse Mobile Marketplace eliminates the antiquated process of managing Wi-Fi wholesale agreements that required buyers and sellers to navigate the intricacies associated with determining coverage, pricing, legal requirements and technical specifications.

Instead, those looking to gain coverage or augment an existing Wi-Fi footprint can easily input search parameters into the Mobile Marketplace interface to locate providers that will meet their connectivity needs.

Similarly, Mobile Marketplace simplifies the process of selling coverage as well. All of the legal requirements, partner invoicing, currency conversion and billing are automated through Syniverse´s global, reliable and secure platform.

Syniverse developed the Mobile Marketplace solution with the support of BandwidthX. In addition, BandwidthX will be a participant in Mobile Marketplace to purchase Wi-Fi coverage that will extend its own coverage and to offer that coverage and connectivity solutions to other marketplace participants.

The launch of Mobile Marketplace builds on Syniverse´s Wi-Fi solutions that extend wireless connectivity in areas with subpar coverage and offer alternative coverage to those who turn off mobile service when roaming internationally.

Syniverse is a global transaction processor that connects approximately 1,500 mobile service providers, enterprises, ISPs and OTTs in nearly 200 countries and territories, enabling seamless mobile communications across disparate and rapidly evolving networks, devices and applications.