accepts Bitcoin for encrypted cloud storage, file sharing said it now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, via BitPay.

“Sync offers a completely private alternative to consumer grade cloud storage services such as Dropbox, through the use of zero-knowledge encryption. Simply put, we can´t access the data stored on our servers,” said Thomas Savundra, CEO of Sync.

Having launched as a proof of concept beta in July 2013, Sync´s zero-knowledge encrypted storage platform is now in use by over 100,000 individuals and businesses worldwide. Sync´s growth demonstrates significant awareness and demand for data privacy protection in the cloud. Bitcoin compliments Sync´s commitment to privacy by providing users with an encrypted payment option that does not require giving up personally identifiable information during signup. is a private cloud storage platform that makes it easy to sync, backup and share documents online securely. Sync´s unique, zero knowledge storage platform provides end-to-end encryption, and only the end user has access to the encryption keys.