Synaptics gets FIDO certification of Natural ID Fingerprint Solutions

Synaptics Inc. (NASDAQ: SYNA) said that four of its fingerprint ID products have officially been named FIDO Certifiedâ„¢ by the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance.

As part of the certification, Synaptics´ Natural IDâ„¢ fingerprint solutions are fully compliant with the FIDO 1.0 Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) standard and are interoperable among other products and services that support FIDO specifications.

Through an ever expanding ecosystem, Synaptics continues to work with customers and partners to implement biometric authentication solutions more quickly and efficiently, ultimately helping to drive increased adoption among consumers. Synaptics is innovating by developing fast, convenient and most importantly, highly secure fingerprint ID solutions that are aligned with FIDO Alliance´s mission to change the nature of online authentication through standards.

Synaptics´ biometric solutions address market requirements across entry- to mid-level mobile phones, flagship smartphones, laptops, tablets, and peripheral device segments including mouse and keyboard. Our products are developed to meet the form factor requirements of a broad variety of physical implementations including button mounting, rear and side mounting, and other emerging innovative placements that help our customers differentiate their products.