Synaptics enables biometric security for new Lenovo ThinkPad

Synaptics Inc. (NASDAQ: SYNA) is working with Intel and Lenovo on secure enterprise-level fingerprint authentication for the next generation Lenovo ThinkPad® notebooks, the company said.

The Synaptics® Natural ID™ area touch fingerprint solution will be supported by Intel Authenticate, a hardware-enhanced, multifactor authentication solution that strengthens identity protection on the PC, making it less vulnerable to identity and security credential attacks.

Synaptics´ Natural ID area touch fingerprint solution, is one of several multifactors, such as Bluetooth proximity, Geolocation (IP-based), and Secure PIN (hardware-based), being supported by Intel Authenticate.

The move enables IT administrators to tailor access permissions by using a more robust set of authentication solutions and to combine up to three categories of hardened factors, thereby improving network security and the user experience.

Synaptics develops custom-designed user interface solutions. The Company´s solutions enable people to interact with a variety of mobile computing and communications devices. Synaptics offers a touch-sensitive pad that senses the position of a person´s finger on its surface to provide screen navigation, cursor movement, and a platform of interactive input.