Symsoft cloud carries over 20 billion SMS transactions

Symsoft AB, the operator division of CLX Communications AB (Publ) (XSTO: CLX), has announced that its hybrid Cloud SMSC now carries more than 20 billion A2P SMS transactions annually for CLX Communications, the company said.

The A2P SMS traffic volumes carried by the Symsoft hybrid Cloud SMSC have increased tremendously in recent months. This has been driven by several strategic acquisitions by CLX. In striving to streamline operations and to offer the best quality and performance in the industry, CLX has consolidated traffic onto a single, geographically redundant platform provided by Symsoft.

The hybrid Cloud SMSC is a first of its kind and leverages both physical and cloud-based platform nodes, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), to deliver an unparalleled service. The platform is deployed across multiple AWS Availability Zones to ensure an outstanding service and to minimize latency for customers with varying requirements across the globe.

Symsoft is partner to over 75 operators across four continents. To learn more visit:

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