Symphony Partner expands ecosystem

Symphony Communication Services, LLC has announced the expansion of the Symphony Partner Program, which powers a growing ecosystem of best-of-breed technology available directly within its collaboration and workflow platform, the company said.

The Program fosters a community of over 45 innovative companies who share a common goal of developing workflow and content applications and integrations to extend Symphony´s enterprise collaboration capabilities while maintaining security and compliance.

For Symphony customers, this Program offers unbundled access to top-shelf applications and content which empowers institutions and users to customize their workflow. In addition, it gives the Symphony community the freedom to integrate their workflows with existing, third-party enterprise software systems for superior productivity and simplicity as well as the opportunity to create their own innovative apps and integrate them with ecosystem partner applications.

With the expansion of the Symphony Partner Program, the company has unveiled five program tracks for its ecosystem: Market Applications, Workflow Enabler & System Integrator, MDM/EMM (Mobile) Development, Partner Archiving Solutions and Partner Bot Development. These categories, plus four tiers – Registered, Select, Executive and Premier – are aimed at structuring the Symphony partner ecosystem to better align resources and go-to-market strategies.

Symphony is the cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform that connects markets, organizations and individuals, securely. Powered by an open and growing app ecosystem, and protected with customer-owned encryption keys, Symphony´s communication platform increases workflow productivity while facilitating global regulatory compliance.