Symantec helps uncover cyber espionage activity

Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC), the world´s cyber security company, has announced that Symantec´s artificial intelligence-based Targeted Attack Analytics (TAA) technology helped researchers expose a new attack campaign from a group called Thrip, which has infiltrated satellite communications, telecoms, geospatial imaging, and defense organizations in the United States and Southeast Asia, the company said.

TAA´s advanced AI technology was instrumental in the discovery of the attack, alerting Symantec´s Attack Investigations team to activity that on the surface appeared innocuous but set them on the path to uncovering the latest campaign conducted by the Thrip group. Symantec has been monitoring Thrip since 2013, and has discovered new tools and techniques used by the group in this most recent set of attacks.

Symantec operates one of the world´s largest civilian cyber intelligence networks, allowing it to see and protect against the most advanced threats. For additional information, visit