Swittons Debuts Solution to Improve Pharma to Physician Communication

Swittons, a P360 company, has launched the first fully customizable IoT powered solution for pharmaceutical commercial organizations and physicians, the company said.

Swittons enhances the pharma to physician relationship by helping representatives cover more territory, and by breaking down communication barriers to office visits, professional consultations and product orders. The smart device can also be configured for biotech and medical device sales organizations.

Swittons is designed to be compatible with existing commercial infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with CRM and ERP systems. The device, which can be custom branded, comes programmed to execute up to four different predefined functions. Bringing critical data from a device to the enterprise has never been easier, because Swittons takes care of all the complex technical work.

Based in Piscataway Township, New Jersey, and powered by P360, Swittons is an end-to-end enterprise IoT solution for commercial acceleration. From dashboard to device to data, Swittons powers seamless engagement. Swittons for physicians and pharma is changing everything about how businesses communicate. To learn more, visit Swittons.com.