Switchblade Flying Sports Car surpasses 600 reservations

Samson Sky organization, developers of the Switchblade flying sports car, have reached reservation position 615, the company said.

The Samson Sky reservation program was launched two years ago when the first glimpse of the wing swing mechanism for the flying and driving vehicle was released.

The Switchblade has outperformed everything in its wheelbase (distance between front and rear wheels) compared to Road & Track´s slalom course historical data base, and it has the power-to-weight ratio of a 2017 Corvette. At an anticipated price of USD 140,000, it is one-half to one-fifth the cost of other flying cars, as well as other small aircraft with similar capabilities.

For more information about the Switchblade and to follow its progress to launch, visit: www.SamsonSky.com.