Swisscom investment director joins Cognia advisory board

Swisscom Investment Director, Pär Lange, has joined cloud-based communications company Cognia´s advisory board, the company said.

Cognia has evolved into a global cloud platform provider that enables organizations record and analyze employee communications to meet regulatory and service-assurance requirements. Working with telco partners in North America, Asia and Europe, it helps over 60 banks and financial institutions meet regulatory requirements, including US Dodd Frank and EU MiFID.

As Investment Director at Swisscom, Lange oversees a portfolio of technologies, including Cognia, in which Swisscom took a stake in 2015. Prior to joining Swisscom, Lange co-founded a Swedish mobile operator. He currently serves on the boards of Vilant OY, Key Lemon, Actlight and Quantenna Inc (Observer).

Cognia helps organizations address compliance, service-assurance and productivity challenges. Cognia´s unified communications archive platform transforms the cost and ease of capturing, storing and analyzing mobile, fixed-line and digital interactions.