Swiss Life picks Attunity's data replication solution

Attunity Ltd. (NASDAQ CM: ATTU), a leading provider of Big Data management software solutions, announced today that Swiss Life France, the French subsidiary of Swiss Life (“Swiss Life”) and a key provider of insurance and wealth management, has selected Attunity Replicate, Attunity´s high-performance data replication solution, to accelerate and facilitate the completion of its ´Vision 360´ project.

The goal of the initiative is to aggregate customer data in near real time from the company´s backend systems into a central search and retrieve data index to provide a single, consistent view of customer information for all internal channels and consumers.

Swiss Life is a major provider of insurance and wealth management. It offers individuals and corporations comprehensive advice and a broad range of products and services including life insurance, private banking, financial management, health, disability, property and casualty insurance. Swiss Life France, renowned as a private insurer, supports its customers throughout their lives, providing personalized advice and tailored solutions to help them live a longer self-determined life.

Prior to the launch of Vision 360, every Swiss Life portal directly accessed the company´s mainframes individually with custom-built views of the customer data. Since each portal did this in a slightly different way, the information presented for a single customer often varied between two portals, resulting in confusion for customers and employees alike.

To remedy the situation, Swiss Life implemented Attunity Replicate. The solution´s technology has accelerated completion of Swiss Life´s project by effectively replicating data in near real time from Swiss Life´s multiple databases into a single Oracle target, enabling a single view of customer data. The database supports the index, search engine and portals that provide customers and staff with the up-to-date information they require.

Attunity is a leading provider of Big Data management software solutions that enable access, management, sharing and distribution of data across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud.