Swift Fuels praises Lycoming Engines for doubling oil change intervals for users of unleaded avgas

Swift Fuels, LLC, applauds Lycoming Engines, a Division of Avco Corporation, for their April announcement reflecting extended maintenance intervals for spark-ignited engines operating on unleaded fuels, the company said.

In its Service Letter 270, Lycoming specifies the extension of routine oil change intervals from every 50 hours to every 100 hours for engines using unleaded fuel, subject to further details and procedures that are outlined in the notice.

The notice helps explain why aircraft operating regularly with Lycoming engines in routine flight service using Swift Fuels´ UL94 unleaded avgas will require less frequent oil changes.

UL94 complies with avgas specification ASTM D7547 and is FAA approved for up to 65% of the US piston engine fleet. Swift Fuels is the sole producer of UL94 in the United States.

Established in 2012, Swift Fuels is a developer of high-performance unleaded aviation fuels, including UL102 — an all-hydrocarbon unleaded high octane aviation gasoline, and UL94 — a 94 motor octane aviation gasoline. The company´s focus now includes advancing efforts to finalize the FAA´s certification of high octane unleaded avgas by the FAA´s Piston Aviation Fuel Initiative (PAFI) for use in airplanes currently fueled by 100LL.