Swedish startup Magine to stream live TV to 100m Chinese households

Magine AB has signed an agreement with a Beijing-based digital TV system integrator and operator to build, launch and operate an Internet-based video streaming system for the Chinese market, the company said.

In parallel with this, Magine has established the Magine Asia Unit, based in Hong Kong.

The agreement comprises the establishment and operation of an internet platform to provide both video-on-demand and linear content streaming to over 100 million households. The Beijing-based company has active businesses in a number of provinces in China, and close cooperation with some of the largest TV stations and operators there.

The Swedish streaming television platform Magine offers consumer services in Scandinavia and Germany since and with new partners operating in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Magine is building the fundamentals of the TV superhighway, offering a global OTT platform and an ecosystem for content providers and distributors in all parts of the world.