SwaggerHub DevOps Features Streamline API Workflow in CI/CD Pipelines

SmartBear, a provider of software development and quality tools, released new DevOps features in SwaggerHub, the industry-leading API design and documentation platform, the company said.

SwaggerHub now includes new integration enhancements for Git and other source control management (SCM) tools to streamline the API workflow and ensure faster, high quality API delivery.

A new open source command line interface (CLI) tool in SwaggerHub also enables organizations to leverage their OpenAPI definitions to automate CI/CD build pipelines. Added enhancements to SwaggerHub´s Git integration include enabling synchronization of API definitions with an existing SCM repository, as well as preserving integrations associated with new API versions.

These additions also allow developers to automate the creation of Git branches for new API versions, enabling custom commit messages for new API changes and pull API changes from Git back into SwaggerHub.

With the new CLI tool, teams can now build automation and workflows around SwaggerHub. Teams can use it with their CI/CD pipeline to create new APIs, create and update API versions, and mark API versions as Published or Default.

To learn more about the new SwaggerHub CLI tool or download a copy, go to: https://github.com/SmartBear/swaggerhub-cli. For more information on the new enhancements to SwaggerHub´s Git integration, check out: https://app.swaggerhub.com/help/integrations/index.