Sustainable Aviation coalition outlines net-zero UK carbon strategy

Sustainable Aviation, an aviation coalition, has announced a five-pillar strategy to commit the UK industry to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, while accommodating a 70% growth in passenger numbers, the organization said.

Sustainable Aviation warns that it will need investment and a partnership with the government, plus collaboration from outside the aviation sector, to ensure that the opportunities to cut emissions are realised.

The strategy combines development of new aircraft and engine technology, sustainable fuels, and restructuring of airspace with innovative carbon-removal solutions and carbon market policy measures.

The coalition is seeking a GBP 1 billion public-private investment to support sustainable aviation fuel plants, in recognition of the essential role of such fuels, which would provide a substantial UK export opportunity.

These technical and flight operations advances should be supplemented by effective market-based policy measures to support the ICAO carbon-offset scheme CORSIA. The government should set a clear, long-term carbon dioxide target for global aviation — compatible with the International Panel on Climate Change — in 2022.