Surf Air launches membership brand Surf Air Express

California-based Surf Air has announced Surf Air Express, a new per-seat brand and membership that opens up the Surf Air network to fliers in need of better air travel, the company said.

With prices comparable to business and last-minute economy fares, Surf Air Express positions the air travel company to expand beyond frequent business commuters paying a monthly subscription, and into the broader market of air travel by offering flights on their scheduled service to all of their routes on a portion of their flight times.

Surf Air Express opens a semi-private travel experience to anyone who wants to purchase seats on a per-seat basis at prices similar to business class and last-minute economy. With available seats on routes operated by its contracted third-party carriers, Surf Air is able to open its network to a broader group of travelers who desire a membership that is designed for the less frequent per flight consumer.

Surf Air operates like a mobility company that puts the passenger first by offering enjoyable shared private flying experiences at prices comparable to commercial travel. The company has served 250,000 passengers across California, Texas, Nevada and Europe, representing more than 20 million miles traveled.