Surf Air adds new routes, regional partners, membership choices

Surf Air has announced a significant global expansion with the creation of a national and global subscription platform partnering with select premium operators of private aircraft, the company said.

This platform expansion opens up approximately 20 new destinations for Surf Air members in Europe and across the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and sets the stage to add many more.

New European routes include Milan, Zurich, Luxembourg, Munich, Brussels, Vienna, Geneva, Basel and Nice. These new flights will be operated in association with Surf Air´s new European partner, JetClass and members are currently able to book seats on the Surf Air app and make the most of the Surf Air subscription programs.

Surf Air is the nation´s first private air travel club offering unlimited monthly flights. Geared toward frequent regional business and leisure travelers, Surf Air provides a hassle-free flying experience in the company of an inspiring Member community. Its growing fleet of executive private aircrafts operate from convenient private airports in the United States and Europe. The company also provides global charter services via their Surf Anywhere program.

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