SureCall, RSRF to provide DAS alternative

Cellular signal booster manufacturer SureCall is working with enterprise-focused division of RepeaterStore RSRF to provide building owners an alternative to Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) at a fraction of the cost, the company said.

With the need for in-building cellular reception continuing to grow, companies across the country are looking for ways to boost their in-building cellular signal. Low-emissivity glass, concrete and metal construction materials routinely block radio frequency (RF) signals, which inevitably results in dropped and missed calls.

While DAS may be the only solution for companies that have a building footprint larger than 250,000 square feet in size, there is an effective solution for smaller building footprint companies: cellular signal boosters.

“The cost of DAS is on average USD2 to USD4 per square foot while the total costs for cellular signal booster equipment and installation averages well below half that number per square foot, giving building owners the same results but at a fraction of the cost of DAS,” stated Hongtao Zhan, CEO of SureCall.

Founded in 2001, SureCall provides cell phone signal boosters, combining high quality technology with innovative designs to create award-winning boosters that dramatically improve cell phone reception for homes, cars and businesses.

Founded in 2006, RepeaterStore provides systems integrators in the fast-growing “middleprise” in-building market.