Supreme Components International names authorized distributor of Honeywell's Inertial Sensors and Navigators

Supreme Components International (SCI) has announced it has been appointed as an authorized non-exclusive distributor for 31 for Honeywell´s Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and Inertial Navigation Systems, the company said.

The agreement runs through December 2022.

IMUs and inertial navigation systems are electronic devices that provide precise rotation, acceleration, location data enabling systems to calculate its position, direction and speed, even when GPS signals are lost.

SCI will distribute Honeywell´s complete range of advanced IMUs and Navigation Devices, including the newly launched inertial navigation system HGuide n380, that is designed to provide an accurate and robust navigation service to industrial applications, such as autonomous vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), even when global navigation satellite signals are unavailable.

With this appointment by Honeywell, SCI strongly believes that it can provide competitive service to customers in ASEAN and Pacific markets.