Suppliers in Avetta's Network Qualify for More Jobs

Suppliers who join Avetta® are part of a network of more than 95,000 Contractors and Suppliers who achieve compliance quickly and efficiently, qualify for more jobs, and save time and money through the Avetta Connect™ Platform and its Marketplace, the company said.

Being part of the Avetta Network helps suppliers, such as Raymac Surveys and FastTrac, become discoverable through the Connect Platform and gain more visibility to the 450+ clients who are looking for qualified, vetted and compliant contractors to complete work for their companies.

With improved visibility through the Avetta Network, suppliers showcase the competitive advantages of doing business with them. Further, they gain access to the Avetta Marketplace that can save them time and money on products and services they use every day to grow their business.

Once suppliers join the Avetta Network, they receive tools and information that help them set up a complete profile demonstrating their capabilities and compliance for potential clients. Suppliers can also subscribe to Avetta´s Vetify service to receive dedicated, specialized assistance through an onboarding process to accelerate the process.

Avetta leads the world in connecting global organizations across several industries including oil/gas, telecom, construction materials, facilities management and many others, with qualified and vetted suppliers, contractors and vendors. Visit for more information.