SuperLumin releases NitroCast 4.1

SuperLumin, a Stratacache company and experts in media acceleration and content delivery technologies, has announced the release of SuperLumin NitroCast 4.1. SuperLumin´s technology provides the market´s fastest caching and acceleration of both non-secure and secure content, achieving outstanding performance for web-based experiences, the company said.

NitroCast 4.1 continues to build on HTTPS caching as more websites are becoming secure, and is capable of caching secure websites and domains that were previously unavailable.

NitroCast 4.1 improves all video delivery methods including streaming, progressive downloading and adaptive streaming. It also improves live streaming, drastically reducing bandwidth consumption by having one connection to retrieve the live stream and multiplexing that stream to thousands of local devices inside the local network. NitroCast 4.1 is available on small footprint micro-servers to 4U servers which are capable of caching hundreds of terabytes.

From streaming video optimization to multimedia acceleration and network security, SuperLumin delivers competitive advantages to service providers and enterprises across the globe. With the most advanced technology available, our solutions are designed to increase productivity, enhance performance and improve the customer experience.

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