Suntech Launches New 4G Cat-M1 Hardware

With more than ten 4G Cat-M1 US carrier-certified devices available to date, Suntech has released details on three new additions to their mobile asset and vehicle fleet management products, the company said.

These new offerings will expand the Suntech product series of asset trackers to include solar charging, humidity and light sensors; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities, along with an IoT solution with a seven-year rechargeable battery.

With the start of the 3G sunset in 2019, Suntech is an emerging provider of providing 4G IoT and Telematics solutions to a growing list of partners.

The devices utilize the latest 4G technology, Cat-M1, which provides greater security, lower power consumption, and longer range of connectivity, at a considerably lower-cost.

Based in the epicenter of Telematics for North America, Suntech US is focused on providing advanced technology for its growing number of solution providers. Established in 2017, Suntech US enables turnkey mobile asset and best-in-class vehicle fleet management through its partners across the USA and Canada. Suntech US prides itself on the ability to offer the best product quality, competitive pricing, quick time to market, and customizable configurations. For specific details on the entire Suntech product offering, visit

Suntech International is a global telematics leader. Founded in 2001 in South Korea, the company has grown steadily and is now the definitive market leader across Latin America. The company has shipped more than 3 million devices worldwide. For more information visit