Sunshine Cleaning Systems debuts restroom attendant program

Passengers at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) are enjoying a more enhanced traveling experience thanks to a restroom attendant program implemented by Sunshine Cleaning Systems, Inc. (Sunshine).

Sunshine closely monitors FLL´s daily flight schedules and dispatches cleaning staff to the various terminals and concourses accordingly. At FLL, the company will field an additional 28 employees during peak arrival and departure times with its proven restroom attendant program. All employees will continue to wear their neat navy blue uniforms and, of course, big smiles.

Sunshine´s performance is graded by the Airport Service Quality program (ASQ) with the restrooms being one of the two graded areas. The program has shown improved customer experiences as well as provided safer facility for all users.

Founded in 1976, Sunshine Cleaning Systems, Inc. is an integrated cleaning company offering janitorial services, pressure cleaning, carpet and ceiling cleaning, terrazzo grinding and polishing. The company holds all of the major industry certifications and also takes pride in actively giving back to the communities it serves.