Subliminal Vision releases app to help users achieve goals

Subliminal Vision boards, LLC is launching a new Android app that combines the power of subliminal messaging and the manifesting tool of vision boards.

The app will enable users to easily visualize their goals, connect emotionally, and manifest their desires into existence.

Subliminal Vision boards´ app can harness the intention of New Year´s resolutions into real manifesting power to achieve life goals in 2016. With the Law of Attraction and the Subliminal Vision boards´ app, users can easily and efficiently visualize and attract all they desire.

The five steps to achieving life goals include deciding the goals, displaying imagery reflecting those goals, connecting emotionally, visualizing the goals coming into being, and repeating the process until achievement. The app displays the images that reflect their dreams and life goals, creates the emotional connection necessary and uses daily subliminal visualization, which taps into the hidden potential of the subconscious mind.

For only five minutes a day using the Subliminal Take 5 feature, the user´s images and affirmations are flashed at a speed where only the subconscious mind picks them up, manifesting their goals and dreams at an exponential rate.

The app is completely customizable, allowing users to create and save unlimited boards including friendship, money, love, vacation or business boards. The vision boards can be easily shared on social media, and there is even the option to send one as a gift via email or text. Implementing a daily positive practice of using Subliminal Vision boards´ app, a user will begin to shift and raise their energetic vibration so that they can manifest their life goals and dreams into a reality. The app is USD 5.95 at the Google Play Store with an iOS version coming out soon.

Subliminal Vision Boards, LLC is a technological app company that wants to help people create the life they desire by unleashing the power of the subconscious mind. The company recently launched their new app, which combines subliminal messaging and the manifesting tool of vision boards helping users create the life they desire.