Study finds 75% of Americans would use chatbots for online travel assistance

Humley, the creator of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, has announced it has released findings from a survey of 1,000 Americans regarding online travel experiences, the company said.

Humley gauged consumer frustrations and preferences regarding online experiences within the travel and hospitality industries. The results demonstrated that over three-quarters of Americans would lean heavily on chatbots to improve the online travel experience. Travel chatbots can alleviate customer pain points in a multitude of ways. A chatbot can help simplify travel arrangements, streamline business procedures, organize trips and serve as an online concierge.

Consumers aren´t buying tickets at airline counters anymore; most are arranging trips online with 84 percent of respondents using services such as Kayak or Expedia when booking travel. Even though users are turning to online services when booking travel, 62 percent of users still find it somewhat difficult to very difficult to find the right deal. Nearly half of users (49 percent) surveyed visit between four and seven websites to find a hotel within their budget.

Consumers are turning to the web versus people they know for ideas on where to go. 70 percent of those surveyed research where to go and what to see or do within a destination, via websites. This is compared to just 16 percent of those who ask their friends instead. Interest in using online resources to discover new places to visit was high. Over three quarters (79 percent) of users were open to asking a chatbot, on the condition it could reliably function as a concierge.

Founded in 2014, Humley provides an AI powered Cognitive Assistant platform to improve customer experiences in a chatbot or Virtual Assistant setting, within the enterprise marketplace.