StrongVPN donates to OpenVPN fundraiser

StrongVPN recently donated to the OSTIF´s OpenVPN fundraiser, a cause that directly aligns with StrongVPN´s privacy and security values, the company said.

The fundraiser aims to help audit OpenVPN 2.4, one of the world´s most widely used networks.

The OSTIF, or The Open Source Technology Improvement Fund, created the fundraiser in November of 2016, aiming to get “one of the most widely used networking applications in the world audited,” according to their website. With the newest version currently in beta, OpenVPN 2.4 aims to support a faster development and rollout of features to combat the possibility of data breaches, as well as “increase trust in the OpenVPN platform with a professional audit of the code.”

StrongVPN is an industry leader in providing a high-speed, secure VPN service. As one of the first VPN providers, StrongVPN provides more than 87,000 dynamic and static IPs, spanning across more than 653 servers in 23 countries.