Stratus Video, One Call to launch integrated language and transportation solution

Stratus Video (Stratus), a language access and telehealth company, and One Call Care Management (One Call), a workers´ compensation industry company, have partnered to launch the first end-to-end language and transportation solution designed for healthcare facilities, the companies said.

Through a single desktop or mobile interface, healthcare providers and staff can immediately access a medically qualified interpreter via Stratus´s video interpreting software, or arrange a ride for a patient through One Call´s non-emergency transportation platform, Relay Solutions.

As the need for these services can occur unexpectedly, both are offered on-demand as well as pre-scheduled.

Seamless delivery is coordinated and fulfilled through Stratus´s team of on-staff interpreters, who are available 24 hours a day and cover more than 200 languages, and One Call´s nationwide transportation network, which includes the major transportation network companies. In addition, a dedicated team monitors activity in real-time to proactively address any issues that could result in a missed appointment or delayed care.

Stratus´s interpretation platform and One Call´s Relay Solutions are both currently available, with the integrated product expected to roll out by the end of the third quarter.

Stratus Video is a technology-driven company that is changing the way patients and medical professionals connect across all areas of health care. Stratus Video is the largest and fastest growing video remote languages services company in the world.

One Call provides specialized solutions to the healthcare industry. One Call has locations throughout the United States with its corporate headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida. One Call´s solutions enable faster, more efficient and more cost-effective claims resolution with a focus on patients´ needs.