Stratix introduces mobility across Denny's enterprise chain via enhanced MDM offering

Stratix Corporation, a provider of managed mobility services in the US, has announced the expansion of its Mobile Device Management Service offering to include consulting and management of ten (10) different vendor platforms to help customers unburden their IT staff of the day-to-day management of their mobile devices, the company said .

The complexity involved in designing, deploying and managing a mobile fleet, with many different devices and operating systems is often overwhelming and expensive for technology departments. Stratix´s comprehensive MDM offering takes the stress out of acquiring both the right solution and talent to manage the day-to-day environment and enables IT departments to focus on more strategic projects.

MDM software solutions are powerful tools for organizations to control their mobile enterprise, and in most instances, there is a platform best-suited for specific device manufacturers. Stratix´s vendor-agnostic approach ensures organizations deploy the most effective platform for their environment.

Stratix also offers consulting on MDM solution selection, proof of concept and software evaluation, to assist customers in maximizing the effectiveness and ROI of their solution.

As the largest pure-play enterprise mobility specialist in the US, Stratix is dedicated to guaranteeing nonstop mobility. The company leverages 35+ years of expertise and experience to accelerate and inspire business mobility transformation for some of the world´s most iconic brands. Their SmartMobile programs ensure each client has the right technology, tools and support programs in place to stay ahead. For additional information, visit: