StorageCraft intoduces VirtualBoot for Hyper-V

StorageCraft Technology Corp said it has released VirtualBoot® for Hyper-V, a backup and disaster recovery solution.

The technology enables StorageCraft ShadowProtect® users to boot a protected Windows system as a guest virtual machine directly on a Hyper-V host when using Windows Server 2012 R2.

In addition to the ability to instantly boot on a Hyper-V host, VirtualBoot for Hyper-V has features and enhancements that help IT professionals protect availability of their systems. StorageCraft´s proven VirtualBoot technology has been used by IT professionals around the world for years to:

Reduce backup windows (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO)
Provide temporary system failover in the event of an emergency
Enable rapid testing and validation of offline production systems
Now, StorageCraft is bringing all of these capabilities directly to the Hyper-V platform, resulting in a tightly integrated solution that leverages the existing investment in Windows Server. More information about StorageCraft VirtualBoot for Hyper-V is available at

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