Stemtech International to provide cell phone radiation solution

Stemtech International, Inc. has launched a cell phone filter that helps to significantly reduce exposure from cell phone electro-magnetic radiation, the company said.

Developed in partnership with Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD, a Russian scientist, inventor and theoretician, Stemtech´s D-FUZE, from it´s new ECO division, is has a cell phone filter on the market that is infused with Vital Force Technology — a proprietary process that “diffuses” electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) away from the body, reducing cell phone users´ exposure to potentially harmful radiation. D-FUZE is a micro-thin disc made up of neutralizing elements and can be adhered to the back of any cell phone in a few seconds.

Scientific and medical communities are concerned that EMFs can potentially be absorbed by the human body, particularly the brain, which is alarming since average Americans spend one-third of their waking hours on their smartphones; and many teens and young adults sleep with their phones under their pillows or next to them. Stemtech now addresses this public concern with Vital Force Technology, which has demonstrated its beneficial impact–counteracting the brain´s adverse electrical activity created by cell phone radiation–through a recent brain mapping test.

In development for over 12 years, D-FUZE is SAR-tested, proven, and certified by a government-sanctioned laboratory.