Stefanini outlines plan to grow 25% by 2020 in North America, Asia Pacific regions

IT provider Stefanini has invested in North America and Asia Pacific with the goal of growing 25% by 2020 in the region, the company said.

To reach this goal, the company is focusing on an innovative offer and reinforcing Stefanini´s role in acting as a digital transformation agent for companies.

By tuning into the main technological trends, the company said it has implemented the technological basis to promote digital transformation for customers, including operational efficiency, Internet of Things and cloud computing.

In the headquarters´ new office, Stefanini will be opening its first innovation center in the US, reinforcing innovative culture and bringing about many benefits for employees, partners and the community.

Stefanini has been present in the US for almost 15 years, with initial operations beginning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; today, the number of US offices has grown to include locations in Southfield (Michigan), Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), New York (New York), Houston (Texas), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Richmond (Virginia) and Davenport (Iowa).