State Medical Societies Work With DrFirst to Help Prevent Spread of Novel Coronavirus

State medical societies around the country are collaborating with DrFirst to make telehealth available to physician practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the company said.

DrFirst is a pioneer in technology, support, and services that connect people at touchpoints of patient care.

Acknowledging telehealth´s critical role in managing the coronavirus pandemic, Congress, federal agencies, and private insurance companies are supporting its expanded use. Telehealth can allow a patient with the novel coronavirus to receive treatment without risking exposure to others with COVID-19. It also protects healthcare providers from exposure and allows those who are quarantined to keep treating patients, as long as they are well enough to do so.

Backline allows clinicians to provide patient care beyond the traditional walls of a doctor´s office, clinic, or hospital. Patients click a link sent to their mobile phone, tablet, or computer; they do not need to download an app, access a patient portal, or undergo a cumbersome registration process.

The following state medical societies and associations have partnerships with DrFirst:

Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS)
Florida Medical Association (FMA)
Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA)
Maryland State Medical Society (Med Chi)
Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY)
Medical Society of the District of Columbia (MSDC)
Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS)
Minnesota Medical Association (MMA)
Nebraska Medical Association (NMA)
Nevada State Medical Association (NSMA)
New York Academy of Family Physicians (NYSAFP)
New York State Psychological Association (NYSPA)

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