Starship vTime promises quality virtual reality

Starship said that vTime, its mobile social VR network, will combine virtual locations with instinctive, hands-free controls to offer a new way to spend quality time together in virtual reality.

Using a smartphone and a VR headset, cross-platform network vTime allows users to meet and interact with people around the globe. Networking with friends or alone, users are able to enjoy music, and share images, videos, and spherical media in rich virtual environments.

vTimers can personalise their experience by customising their avatar´s appearance, creating friends lists, and hosting virtual meet-ups. Newcomers can quickly expand their social circle and immerse themselves in engaging conversations through vTime Search, which focuses on matching users based on interests and trending topics.

Friends without a headset can still be a part of the conversation by using mono mode,a 2D window into the vTime metaverse. Using a phone or tablet, spectators are able to view live public exchanges happening within vTime, or request an invite to view private chats.