StarDot Announces Online Social Distancing Solution for Churches and Schools

StarDot Technologies, a small high-tech company, has announced its latest NetCamLIVE 2+ camera designed to put churches and meeting halls online, with scheduled broadcasts using YouTube streaming, the company said.

YouTube streams reliably to anywhere, and provides a free 24/7 channel. It´s compatible with all modern viewing devices. Once set the camera will run without intervention. StarDot cameras are used by Universities and Space Agencies all over the world.

You can schedule services or leave it running continuously. An adjustable lens lets you frame just where you want in a long meeting hall, or a small room.

Prayer requests can be seen on YouTube and handled using voice over. A wireless mic allows someone to speak, and a sound mixer merges that with your Church audio. The voice is only heard on YouTube.

Voiceover also comes in handy for weddings, where a commentator makes remote listeners feel closer to the activity.

The package is complete, including high quality audio cable and a camera mount.