Stack Qualifies for Illinois Data Center Tax Incentives

Stack Infrastructure, the data center company, has announced that it has qualified for a new tax program in Illinois, the company said.

This program exempts qualifying data centers and their occupants from state and local sales tax on data center equipment purchases, and Stack is the first data center company certified under the new legislation. The company expects to offer exemptions by year-end, enabling clients at its Chicago data center campus to purchase servers, network gear, and other high-value data center equipment at reduced costs. This incentive supports Stack´s mission of serving as a trusted partner to clients in key markets across the US

To qualify for the new program, data center operators and their occupants must invest a total of at least USD 250 million in their facilities and meet green building standards such as LEED or Energy Star. They must also employ 20 or more full-time employees over five years at wages at least 25 percent higher than the applicable median average county wage. Illinois´ tax incentive is expected to bolster the data center industry in the Chicago region — the nation´s third largest data center market — and serve as a powerful tool to increase competitiveness, attract new businesses, fuel new construction, and create well-paying jobs across the state.

Stack´s Chicago data center currently offers 13MW of critical power with 221,000 square feet of data center space to meet clients´ evolving needs and growth trajectories. Recently, Stack announced expansion plans for this campus, revealing a new adjacent multi-story facility that will offer at least 24MW of additional critical capacity.

Stack is a data center company built from the ground up to address critical infrastructure needs. The company delivers a comprehensive suite of wholesale colocation, build-to-suit, and powered shell solutions in seven markets today: Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; New Albany, Ohio; Northern Virginia; Portland, Oregon; and Silicon Valley, California. With unparalleled existing and flexible expansion capacity in the availability zones, Stack provides the scale and geographic reach that rapidly growing enterprises and hyperscale companies need. For more information, visit