Stack Infrastructure announces new capacity in key legacy market

Stack Infrastructure, the data center company built from the ground up to address the technology infrastructure needs of rapidly scaling enterprises and hyperscale businesses, has announced plans for expansion in Portland, a US data center market where the company has deep roots and a history of market leadership, the company said.

This planned expansion follows Stack´s recent announcement of its plans to build a new facility at its Chicago data center campus and continues the company´s corporate strategy to bring additional capacity to support the growth of its clients.

Stack intends to break ground on a significant, long-term expansion in Hillsboro. The near-term campus additions will provide more than 60MW of additional critical capacity and, when combined with Stack´s established Hillsboro facilities, bring the company´s total capacity in this growing market to nearly 100MW. Stack has strong and durable ties to Hillsboro´s data center market, where it developed its first data center in 2012.

The commercial and natural advantages to operating in Hillsboro, including the technology-friendly business environment and access to key international markets serviced by subsea cable, are key factors driving Stack to invest further in the market.

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