SSC Innovations wins 2 contracts from Defense Department

SSC Innovations, LLC has been awarded two contracts totaling nearly USD 20m from the Department of Defense (DoD) to test and deploy DSA so the government can share spectrum with government users, cellular carriers and news organizations.

SSC and the DoD have been working for nearly 15 years on DSA software to address the spectrum challenges the military faces in the field. Both contracts expand on this research, leveraging funds from the AWS-3 spectrum auction.

Because it is cost prohibitive and takes too long to relocate incumbent users, or comparable spectrum may not be available to ensure continuity of critical functions, the government is looking beyond the traditional approach of clearing federal users from spectrum in order to auction it for private sector.

The first DoD contract, worth nearly USD 16.8m over two years, focuses on improving military communications performance in the field.

In the second contract, SSC´s DSA solution will be used to support spectrum sharing between the DoD and electronic news gathering (ENG) organizations.

SSC is working with Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace, consultants specializing in broadcasting, telecommunications and consumer electronics engineering, on the two-year, USD 1.6m contract. The DSA algorithms use multiple methods (ENG radio beaconing, signal specific sensing, geo-location databases, altitude, time of day, and others) to determine what frequency to be used by each DoD radio. The project includes implementing the DSA software on a radio and field tests with an ENG band radio.

Founded in 2000, SSC is a developer of spectrum intelligence technologies. Based in Vienna, Va., the company has developed innovative cognitive radio technologies for wireless applications in a broad range of the frequency bands.