Spread Networks, Seaborn to provide dedicated ultra-low latency subsea route to Brazil

Seaborn Networks, a developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems, has announced Spread Networks is Seaborn´s exclusive channel partner for sales to the financial vertical on Seabras-1 between New Jersey and São Paulo, Brazil, the company said.

This includes sales of SeaSpeed, Seaborn´s proprietary ultra-low latency (ULL) solution providing the lowest latency path between Carteret, New Jersey and the BM&F Bovespa Stock Exchange in São Paulo, Brazil.

Seabras-1 is the only direct point to point submarine cable system between metro New York and metro São Paulo. Seaborn is the developer-owner-operator of Seabras-1. The system was in development for more than five years, with a total project cost of more than USD 520m.

Spread Networks, a privately-owned telecommunications provider, built a fiber network on the shortest possible route from New York to Chicago to set a new standard for latency, diversity and reliability. Spread Networks provides its customers with a state-of-the-art diverse and secure fiber optic network to allow data to run as close as possible to the true speed of light through fiber.

Seaborn Networks is the leading developer-owner-operator of independent submarine fiber optic cable systems, including Seabras-1 between New York and São Paulo (ready-for-service June 2017), and ARBR between São Paulo and Buenos Aires (projected ready-for-service Q4 2018).