Spouting Rock Gets Minority Ownership in Copper Rock Capital Partners

Spouting Rock Asset Management, LLC, a multi-boutique manager platform providing investment solutions and services, has announced a joint backing with Copper Rock management of Copper Rock Capital Partners, LLC, a specialized growth equity investment manager of small- and mid-cap international, global and emerging markets equity strategies, in a buyout from BrightSphere Investment Group, Inc, the company said.

The former parent company sold its 65% equity interest in the firm to Copper Rock employees and Spouting Rock Asset Management. Under the terms of the new agreement, Copper Rock employees will be majority owners and Spouting Rock Asset Management will become the minority owner. Spouting Rock Asset Management has great confidence in the Copper Rock team and looks forward to building a strong partnership together.

Founded in 2018, Spouting Rock Asset Management is a multi-boutique manager platform providing alternative, traditional, and thematic investment solutions and services located outside of Philadelphia, PA with USD 691 million in assets under management (as of March 31, 2020).

Founded in 2005, Copper Rock specializes in global growth equity portfolios for institutional clients around the world with an expertise in small cap investing. The firm´s four primary investment strategies include: International Small Cap, Global Small Cap, Emerging Markets Small Cap, and Global All Cap. Copper Rock´s unique investment approach is based on the combination of both quantitative and fundamental research, coupled with a risk management approach that emphasizes a strong sell discipline. For more information, visit www.spoutingrock.us.