Spoke Phone builds mobile-first workflows in a bid to bury the desk phone

Mobile voice company Spoke Phone has announced it has raised USD 4.5 million in Series A funding, in a capital raising round led by Australian venture capital firm, Marbruck Investments, with support from New Zealand-based Icehouse Ventures and Sir Stephen Tindall´s K1W1 fund, the company said.

Spoke Phone is a mobile-first business phone system that offers the same powerful features and integrations available to desktop users via their mobile phones. Globally, there are more than 5,640 business phone providers offering VoIP (Voice over Internet calling) solutions, with Spoke Phone being the only solution designed specifically for mobile.

Co-founders Jason Kerr and Kieron Lawson built Spoke Phone because they saw a “mobile-first” future where employees prefer using a mobile phone, and where companies have more mobile and remote workers.

The investment will be used to further enhance the capability of Spoke Phone´s existing business phone solution, accelerate expansion in Australia and the United States, and commercialize Spoke Phone for enterprise, a new solution that helps large customers stuck on legacy phone systems effortlessly migrate to the cloud.

Spanning from smb to enterprise companies, Spoke´s new product works to safely migrate business communications to the cloud in a series of risk-free steps that can be done while existing supplier contracts run their course. It means companies no longer need to risk changing everything in one go.

Spoke Phone, founded in late 2016, is the only business phone system designed for the mobile generation, empowering excellent customer conversations and outcomes both in and out of the office; on a mobile phone, softphone, or physical desk phone. For more information, visit www.spokephone.com.