Splora empowers consumers by blocking nuisance calls

Splora said it will cooperate with the FCC to bring an end to unwanted telemarketer calls and robocalls in particular.

As of next month, Splora will provide accurate and timely information to the FCC that will enable the FCC to prosecute offenders.

Splora has developed an app that allows a consumer to block an incoming unwanted call by simply pushing a button on their mobile phone. The app then engages the telemarketer in conversation (via an interactive recorded message) to determine the company they are representing and where they are located.

During this process, the Splora platform traces the real origin of the call (defeating the spoofing of numbers used by telemarketers to avoid detection) and then advises the telemarketer that their call has been recorded. The telemarketers real number is then obtained and the information will be forwarded to the FCC for further investigation. Provision of this information in real time to the FCC will enable the Commission to take action with accurate evidence. The service will also be available to protect land line services.

The Splora app is free and also allows free calls, chat and video calls between users. Splora will launch in the US on the 17th November 2015.