Spirit Airlines unveils new seats designed to maximize usable legroom

Spirit Airlines (NYSE: SAVE) has announced it has unveiled new ergonomically designed seats that provide additional usable legroom, the company said.

Spirit´s new seats, created by UK-based Acro Aircraft Seating, integrate state-of-the-art design features, including thicker padding, ergonomically-designed lumbar support, and additional pre-recline. Middle seats will also gain another inch of width, and every seat will gain nearly an inch of pre-recline compared to Spirit´s current seating configuration, with exit rows adding even more.

Spirit´s new seats, padded with ultra-light weight foam and made of a composite skeleton, will add comfort without increasing weight, maintaining high fuel efficiency on Spirit´s Fit Fleet.

Spirit Airlines (NYSE: SAVE) provides customizable travel options starting with an unbundled fare that allows every guest to pay only for the options they choose. Spirit operates more than 600 daily flights to 76 destinations in the US, Latin America and the Caribbean.