Spirit AeroSystems implements robotics for inspection of aerospace structures

Spirit AeroSystems has announced its engineers have utilized robotics hardware and software technologies to inspect composite aerospace components such as fuselages, wings and substructures, the company said.

Either cooperatively or independently, the new Spirit AeroSystems robots automatically inspect complex composite parts up to 200 feet long, dramatically reducing the time required for inspection.

Spirit is implementing the new robotic NDI technology at its headquarters location in Wichita, Kansas, and plans to use similar technology at its Prestwick, Scotland, facility. Spirit engineers are also investigating and applying robotics technology for other manufacturing applications where flexible automation is required, such as machining, sealing and material handling.

Spirit AeroSystems designs and builds aerostructures for both commercial and defense customers. Spirit operates sites in the U.S., U.K., France and Malaysia. The company´s core products include fuselages, pylons, nacelles and wing components for the world´s premier aircraft.