Spirent Federal Supports BFEA Wave Forms for US Military Agencies

Spirent Federal Systems, the nation´s provider of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) testing solutions, announced the delivery of new capabilities of a GNSS simulator to support testing of a seven element Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) system, the company said.

The Spirent simulator features a wide range of programmable interference sources, which include the capability to generate Blue Force Electronic Attack (BFEA) wave forms, allowing agencies to create scenarios to test Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) TRD threshold and objective requirements.

The flexible custom wave form capabilities create scenarios with multiple interferers. As threat models are updated the Spirent GNSS simulators have the flexibility to change and create new scenarios. These capabilities supplement an already robust MNSA M-Code test environment for MGUE developers and integrators alike.

To learn more about the Spirent GSS9000 simulator contact us at info@spirentfederal.com or visit us at https://www.spirentfederal.com/gps/products/gss9000/overview/.

Spirent Federal Systems was formed in July 2001 by Spirent Communications as a wholly owned subsidiary and US proxy company. Spirent Federal markets and sells Spirent Communications´ products in North America.

Spirent Communications plc. (LSE: SPT) offers test, measurement, analytics, and assurance solutions for next-generation devices and networks. For more information, visit www.spirent.com.