SpinLaunch secures USD 35m additional investment to develop kinetic orbital launch system

SpinLaunch, Inc., has announced that the company has received an additional USD 35 million investment for continued development of its kinetic launch system designed to provide the lowest cost, environmentally responsible orbital launch system, the company said.

Investors include Airbus Ventures, GV, KPCB, Catapult Ventures, Lauder Partners, John Doerr and Byers Family. The funds from this investment will be used to scale the SpinLaunch team and technology and continue to build out SpinLaunch´s new corporate headquarters in Long Beach, California, and complete the flight test facility at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

The responsive launch system is designed to provide the lowest-cost, environmentally responsible orbital launch system to serve the rapidly growing small satellite industry.utilizes a large mass accelerator to provide on demand launches of small satellites in virtually any weather at an order of magnitude lower cost and higher frequency than any existing or proposed launch system.