Spare5 partners with IBM Watson ecosystem

Spare5 said it has joined the IBM Watson Ecosystem, paving the way to develop applications across a broad range of industries including sports, retail, healthcare, and life sciences.

Through this partnership, Spare5 will leverage human insights provided by its community of domain-specific specialists, with IBM Watson´s cognitive computing, in order to train the system to understand, reason and assist people.

To kick-off the partnership, Spare5 demonstrated its core mobile expert sourcing techniques by unveiling the concept for a cognitive app titled “Watson Golf Pro.” Building off the seasoned insights provided by Spare5´s community of specialists and Watson´s cognitive computing capabilities that allow it to “see” techniques such as a golfer´s swing, the Watson Golf Pro app can witness and provide feedback to the advancing player.

Spare5 scales the power of human intelligence to meet big data challenges that can´t be solved by computers alone. Spare5 community members, referred to as Fives, tag photos, rate items, answer surveys, and perform other micro-tasks on their smartphones in their spare time for extra cash.