Spaceport America opens new campuses for build-to-suit tenancy

Spaceport America said it has announced the launch of a master development plan opening up additional build-to-suit parcels within the North and East Campuses at the 18,000-acre facility in Southern New Mexico.

Spaceport America´s CEO and go-to-market team have traveled to Houston today to roll-out the “Reach for the Stars at Spaceport America” campaign featuring the new master development plan targeted to commercial space and space-related technology companies.

With one of the largest areas of protected airspace on Earth, stable weather conditions, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and 18,000 acres of sparsely populated high-elevation desert land, Spaceport America is well positioned to support space launches, space launch testing, and UAV testing as well as satellite ground stations and other space-related technologies.

Roughly 250 acres surrounding the iconic Gateway to Space terminal and the site´s 12,000-ft by 200-ft spaceway will be divided into parcels of between four and 30 acres, with leasing costs varying according to the size of the property and the tenants´ requirements. Another 100 acres within the vertical launch campus, ranging from 1.5- to 22-acre parcels, are also now ready for build-to-suit tenancy.

In addition to offering up new parcels of land within both the horizontal and vertical launch campuses with affordable leasing and build-to-suit options, Spaceport America is welcoming qualified new prospective tenants with a First Flight is Free program.

Spaceport America is the first purpose-built commercial spaceport in the world. The FAA-licensed launch complex, situated on 18,000 acres adjacent to the US Army White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico, boasts 6,000 square miles of restricted airspace, low population density, a 12,000-foot spaceway, and 340+ days of sunshine and low humidity.