Southwest could put 737 MAX into service in December

Southwest Airlines has announced it could re-introduce the Boeing 737-MAX by mid-December 2020, the company said.

The airline, which currently has 34 MAX airframes in its fleet, with an additional 217 firm orders, said it is encouraged by the actions of both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The company continues to closely monitor the remaining milestones to be completed in order for the MAX to return to service.

As it stands today, Southwest has removed 34 737-MAX aircraft from operations through mid-December 2020.

Regulatory approval of MAX return to service is subject to Boeing´s ongoing work with the FAA, who will determine the timing of MAX return to service. Southwest said following a rescission of the FAA order to ground the MAX fleet, it will work closely with Boeing and the FAA to safely reintroduce the 34 MAX aircraft currently in its fleet into service and estimates it will take the Company several months to comply with applicable FAA requirements, including all necessary pilot simulator training.”