Southwest Airlines announces new routes

Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) this week will begin operating more than a dozen new nonstop routes across North America, the company said.

San Jose, Calif. saw six new nonstop routes take off on Sun., April 8, adding more nonstop routes from the Bay Area to cities across the United States.

On Sun., Apr. 8, 2018, Southwest® inaugurated service on 11 new routes between cities throughout California and cities across the United States.

The nonstop flights will take Customers between: San Jose, Calif. and Boise, San Jose, Calif. and Houston; San Jose, Calif. and Spokane, San Jose, Calif. and St. Louis, San Jose, Calif. and New Orleans (Flights operate on Sundays), San Jose, Calif. and Albuquerque (Flights operate on Sundays), San Francisco and Austin, Sacramento and Austin, Sacramento and St. Louis, Oakland and Newark, San Diego and Newark.

In its 47th year of service, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) continues to differentiate itself from other air carriers with exemplary Customer Service delivered by more than 56,000 Employees to a Customer base topping 120 million passengers annually, in recent years.