Southwest Airlines adds maintenance complex to facilities at William P. Hobby airport

WWD Magazine has reported Southwest Airlines has officially added a new 240,000-square-foot maintenance complex to its facilities at William P. Hobby International Airport (HOU), the news source said.

As a part of this expansion, underground watertight tanks were needed to capture contaminated runoff from the Southwest Airlines maintenance facility. In the event of a fire, the chemical used in the suppression system to retard and put out the fire is not permitted to drain into standard storm drain systems. Therefore, the rainwater runoff after such an event (and drainage during clean up) must be contained in a watertight system, pumped out, and sent to a proper treatment facility.

Alternative solutions were considered, but a cast-in-place concrete vault system would have required more time to construct, requiring the assembly of forms, steel rebar, pouring, curing, striping, and water proofing.

The entire system was then backfilled and complete, able to provide the strength to handle the loading requirements as well as the desired storage.